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Why we are the best

Essaylion.com is the best because it has brought a new touch to the industry and put first the needs of the writers. First is the aspect of great CPPs; they do not pay peanuts due to understanding the turmoil individuals undergo through to provide quality. Additionally, human interaction while working is crucial, hence the reason for having interactive support. Essaylion.com additionally requires no charge or any subscription fee for the new users. Next, the writers have the option to either bid or take the orders within the account. Finally and most importantly, the site gives all writers the liberty to choose time to work on the essays.

How it works


Create an account

The first process of getting accepted as a writer is opening an account. Here individuals need to share their details. The account opening procedure starts with the provision of an email and a password. Afterward, the email becomes verified, and then one continues with the other protocols. A legitimate email and phone number are a must for the safety of both writers and the client. Other filled during the opening process include providing the academic qualification to determine which tier to place the writer. Individuals may be required to present the style they know, this range from MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago, among others.

Upload Tests

The writers need to prove that they understand basic instructions and hence given tests on the site. The analysis provides an opportunity for the experts in our platform to examine one's abilities and thus classify him or her into specific tiers. The examinations occur in two steps: grammar quizzes and writing essays. The grammar exams most often are multiple answered, and the writer needs to give a right choice. Upon passing the multi-choice questions, a writer then proceeds to the essays. The second step aims at examining comprehension and the ability to adhere to a set of instructions and style of writing.

Select subjects

After passing both tests, it is now time to proceed to the next step that involves the selection of the subject. Writers should be careful when choosing the items. They should forward topics in which individuals have expert knowledge and skills. Equitywriters.com provides multiple varieties classified into humanities, finance, and economics, social science, medicine and health, mathematics, etc. Every writer has an opportunity of delivering their best, so it is better to choose carefully. Additionally, there are about five to seven maximum choices one can make. The process aims at diversifying the assignments to get the best quality from the writers.

Start working

The writer upon opening the account, uploading the test and subject selection, it is now time to get on to business. The profile will be active, and in the dashboard, there are assignments available based on the choice of subjects. You can pick one and start working on it immediately. However, always be conscious of the paper instructions, and the needs of the client come first in all occasions. The writer also should be timely and concise during the project, do not rush to finish, and make errors. Nonetheless, be keen on deadlines, plagiarism, grammar, and content.

Our Advantages

Why we are better than the rest.

We pay on time

After toiling and providing the best quality papers, the least you could do for any writer is pay them on time. Equityessay.com has a simultaneous payment plan which ensures that writers receive timely disbursement of their funds. If the paper has no dispute, then there is no apparent reason why one should not get rewarded for their hard work. The site has an outstanding reputation of amicably dealing with conflicts between the clients and writes to reduce any chances of fall-out. Specified dates are available in the account upon acceptance as a writer; during such moments, all the successful essays get paid back.

Great CPP

Equityessay.com boasts of having competitive and best CPP in the industry. The cash one receives per page is crucial in determining the final amounts a writer gets as their own. The cost per page also differs depending on the assignment, but even for simple essays, it is still high. Additionally, the CPP also varies due to the urgency of the paper. For tasks needed within a short duration, the cost increase to cover for the high pressure required for submission. The sites also have many bonuses, which rewards to its most committed writers. The rewarding protocol also depends on numerous factors.

24/7 Support

Essayequity.com has the best support, which connects the writers and clients. It works every day, morning-to-morning, to ensure the needs of everyone find the best solutions. Humans have conflicts, and that is normal, so the support has significant skills, and it employs many strategies to come to an amicable compromise for the parties involved. They also are the ones who assign jobs based on one’s capability. In case of an issue during the working process, the support pays attention and gets back to you. Also, they solve any difficulties with finances and disputes that may arise during the payment.

No subscription charges

Unlike many academic writing sites, equityessay.com has no subscription charges for either the writers or the student clients. Entry into the account is free and only depends upon merits. The process requires four steps: creating the account, email verification, doing the test, and the selection of subjects. After the fulfillment of this stage, one gets full access to the profile. However, the process should be truthful, meaning that the email and phone number must be from an existing person. Moreover, education achievements should be legitimate and show no form of fabrication. If all these factors are complete, then you are good to go.

Take and bidd orders

Two primary types of assignments exist in equityessay.com: take and bid orders. For the take orders, the prices per page cannot change; the reason is that the client has given a fixed amount, which means that we operate within that budget. Take orders also go to specific writers who have expertise in that particular area. On the other side, for the bid orders, the prices get determined by the writer. Occasions arise when the assignments have a form of technicality to put a rate, and this will not be fair to the writer. Hence bid orders allow the writers to present a final price.

Choose your working time

Unless the orders are incredibly urgent, writers within equityessay.com can choose more convenient working durations. Additional, during the sign-up process, the user specifies if he or she will be available full-time or part-time. We do not pressure or forces any orders on the writer; thus, the process becomes as smooth as possible. For the full-timers, they specify if they work better during the day or at night, this enables us to understand the scheduling of the tasks. Likewise, for the part-time writer, they also need to clarify what time they are free to start working on the assignments.


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